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Live Binders:

Rhode Island Educator Evaluation Model

Smithfield Public Schools Lesson Protocol

Classroom Management, Routines, and Transitions

Smithfield Public Schools Elementary Literacy Best Practices

Informational Text Resources

Formative Assessment

Digital Textbooks

Questioning Techniques

Cooperative Learning

Keyboarding Practice Resources

CCSS Resources- ELA



Smithfield Elementary Math Curriculum

Smithfield Elementary Social Studies Curriculum

Smithfield K-12 Health Curriculum

Smithfield K-12 Physical Education Curriculum

Smithfield K-5 Reading Curriculum



Smithfield I-Pad Training for Teachers

6-12 ELA Professional Development

CCSS Lesson Book Resources

Informational Text Resources

Smithfield's Transition to the CCSS-

Text Complexity, Text-Dependent Questioning, and Academic Vocabulary


Smithfield Math Curriculum-

Teaching and Learning Excellence Action Planning-

Smithfield Music Teachers-

Smithfield Library Media Specialists-

Smithfield Health/PE Teachers-

Smithfield K-5 Reading Curriculum-

Smithfield iPad Training for Teachers-

Smithfield Social Studies Teachers-

Discovery Education Workshop-


Vocabulary Spelling City


K-5 Math Teaching Resources

 Below you will find links to Smithfield's ongoing professional development initiatives and to the powerpoint slides from Erika Lindberg. The powerpoint slides are for reference purposes only and were made to go along with training (9/11/2012) and not all the pertinent information is included on the slides.


Math Connects to the CCSS- see below for link to document